Project financed with the financial support of RO10 - CORAI, programme funded by the EEA Grants 2009-2014 and administered by the Romanian Social Development Fund - RSDF


"Initiating Local groups parenting multiregional nonformal and transfer of best practices to promote social inclusion of children and young people at risk family situations - GLEP" code PEH078



Project Activities

The specific activities of the project are:

1. Establishment of Local groups for non-formal education in parenting education for families in disadvantaged communities / isolated;
2. Conducting pilot activities to assist children in vulnerable situations;
3. Provision of services by non-formal parenting for families with children and youth at risk families;
4. Conduct studies and analyzes on the evaluation needs of vulnerable groups in disadvantaged communities and adjustment of tools and methods of working with people from families at risk of social exclusion;
5. Organizing events to promote diversity;
6. Conducting regional information and awareness campaigns to specific issues addressed in the project, including the principles and objectives of the horizontal cross gender equality, equal opportunities, intercultural understanding and reduction of discrimination.

The target group
1. Decision-makers and specialists from authorities / institutions / public services / ¼ of which are of Roma communities by over 5%;
2. Decision-makers and experts from NGOs working with vulnerable groups;
3. Members of professional associations in the social field (social workers, priests, policemen, social environment, medical environment, etc.)
4. Persons belonging to vulnerable parents / guardians / families with children and youth at risk; children from vulnerable families assisted in Services / Centers specialized activities adjusted and developed new assessed need.


1. Certificare in Parenting Category 3 people selected for the target group;
2. Advice and young children from vulnerable families;
3. Specialized services to the individual needs children in day centers and residential centers;
4. Information and training through conferences, seminars and workshops on the themes of the project.
The project has an implementation between 14.07.2015 and 30.04.2017 and has a total value of 1,357,315 lei.

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