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"Initiating Local groups parenting multiregional nonformal and transfer of best practices to promote social inclusion of children and young people at risk family situations - GLEP" code PEH078



Life Stories

„My name is Romaniuc Ionut-Alexandru, I ‘m 11 years old and I’m in the 5th grade at Gropnita Professional School. I am an obedient child and try very hard to learn better and better in school, to gain good grades, and to finish the school here, in the village where I was born, but after school this I wish to move to Iasi for high school.I am participating in this project along with my 9 years old little sister, Elena – Valentina, because in these activities we learn new and useful stuff which can be applied in school, or even in the daily life. I learned how to be responsible, to be kind to everybody, to be obedient and a lot of other valuable teachings. I wish to attend other projects useful for me.”

[Participant in the 5.7 activity of informing and informal training in the area of Social Medicine and Special Pshycopedagogy]


„My name is Romaniuc Vasile, and I’m born in 20th December 1977. I live in Gropnita village in Iasi County. I graduated secondary school in my native village without pursue higher education because of my financial situation. I got married in 2004 and I have two children, (11 years old Alexandru Ionut and 9 years old Elena- Valentina). In 2014 because of a terrible disease, my wife Romaniuc Daniela passed away at the age of 30. Now I am widowed with two children and I struggle without my wife to raise my children with the help of my mother, and the help of everyone surrounding me. I accepted the attendance to GLEP-PLUS project because its schedule and activities can help in my children education. I accepted that my two children to take part in this project and its activities, because I want that they gather knowledge from different fields through these activities. In the same time, they are participating in all the non-formal activities well developed along other kids and parents, these again being very useful. This project made me care more about my children’s education and to work more to give them a better future. The information that I gathered in the orientation sessions help me a lot to improve my family lifestyle. I’m thankful to be in this group of parents, participants to this project, and I want to express my desire to participate in the upcoming projects supported by you.”

[Participant in the 5.7 activity of informing and informal training in the area of Social Medicine and Special Pshycopedagogy]


„My name is F.I., 39 years old. I am imprisoned in the Baia Mare State Penitentiary since 2014 and I am serving a 4,6 years penalty for theft. When I got imprisoned I’ve left behind a wife with a 6-year-old boy. The whole time I was a free man, I was in a bad company which robbed me of all my time; I had so little time for my family, which I regret now. Due to all this, I am in the situation in which I don’t know how to behave with my own child; I never actually knew how. Now, when my wife comes visiting, it’s the same situation. I don’t know hot to act around him, how should I talk to him. One of these days, Mrs. Ligia, from the Educational Compartment, came to me and asked if I didn’t want to participate in a class of parental education. I agreed and I signed up. In the group were 11 other people, all fathers, everyone having at least one child. I was so embarrassed thinking I am the only one with this problem and I was so sure the others will mock me. As it has later been proven, we all had something new to learn. I learnt about the needs children have, how to behave with them when they make mistakes and how to react when they do the right thing to be done. I learnt how to manage my anger issues and not to take out on my child and people around me. I was so happy when, one of these days, my wife and my boy came to visit and I managed to better communicate with him, I wasn’t so hectic not knowing what to say or what to do. I believe this class has helped me a lot. I don’t want my boy to follow my footsteps.”

[Participant in the 5.7 activity of informing and informal training in the area of Social Medicine and Special Pshycopedagogy]


„My name is B.F. and I am 31 years old. I’m serving a 3 years penalty for theft, in Baia Mare State Prison. I have a 2 years old child; he was about 1-year-old when I got imprisoned. I am sorry for the things I’ve done and I’d like to teach my child not to do the same things I did. I don’t know if I’ll succeed and this is why I’ve signed up for this programme for fathers. Since then I’ve learnt many things like how to behave when my child makes mistakes or makes the right thing to do, to pay attention what he wants, that to do when I am angry, how not to take out on him or on my wife. There have been many good things I’ve learnt and I can’t tell when all the 24 meetings have gone. Until now, I thought it is only the wife’s job to take care of the children, but I’ve come to realise that a man should participate too, and that bicker and beating are wrong and they can affect my child. I’m not sure I can apply everything I’ve learnt in this programme, but I’ll do my best. My parents never knew how to behave with me; they beat me even when it was not my fault. My mother was running the house and, because we were 6 brothers, she couldn’t keep an eye on us. My father was missing from home a lot, working or drinking. When he was drunk, he used to swear and kick us even when we did nothing wrong. I hope I won’t repeat what he did so my kid won’t get to jail as I did.”

[Participant in the 5.7 activity of informing and informal training in the area of Social Medicine and Special Pshycopedagogy]

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